Week 6

Week 8

Monday May 11th

Sites Visited: None

Where did we stay tonight?: Thessaloniki

Leaders: Alex Assaf and Ben Kahn

Free Day!! Welcome to the 2nd largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki! Today your high hovers around 80 degrees. It seems as if summer has finally set in. Today, was a relatively easy going day marked by the return of two of our beloved group members, Joe Indvik, and Sarah Murray. The arrived in Thessaloniki from Athens at 3:20pm. Professor Christesen, Ben, and I took a cab to the airport and surprised the two upon their arrival, holding up signs with their last names. After an exchange of smiles and good words, the five headed back to the Hotel Vergina. Upon arrival, I was able to interview everyone about their day. Alex Maceda, Katie, and Dallis all went shopping and bought identical dresses. Maceda ensured me that she was the first to buy. I think that makes her the trend-setter. Jerry and Charlie enjoyed the innards of their room, thoroughly enjoying their day off.

Chris’ parents happened to be staying in Thessaloniki. They took a majority of the group to dinner. As I didn’t attend, I cannot elaborate on what appears to have been a wonderful time. Overall, it has been a great and restful day. We sleep tonight and prepare for a site-packed day tomorrow. Oh FSP! Take us around Greece!

On the way to the Airport:

Airport Intro:

A Murray emerges from the wild!:

The Indvik in its natural habitat: