Week 9

Week 9

Tuesday May 19th

Sites Visited: Athens Airport (Flight to Istanbul)

Where did we stay tonight?: Istanbul

Leaders: Charles Clark and Jerry Guo

Today was a red-letter day for the Dartmouth Greece FSP 2009. Finally leaving behind the shackles of the Hellenic mainland, we were due to leave for Istanbul in the early evening. This was the first time in Turkey for most members of the group, and we were all very excited for the trip.

We had the morning and most of the afternoon to ourselves, and we chose to spend that in various ways. Some went to the US Embassy to find a replacement passport, some picked up laundry, and some laid in bed and drank lemon Fanta. By 3:30pm, all were packed and ready to leave, and we left on the X95 express bus to the airport. As we found out, the metro line to the airport was down. TIG.

The airport, flight, and minibus ride to the hotel were extremely smooth. We settled in at the Tria Hotel right next to the Blue Mosque and Ayia Sophia to prepare for a long day of sightseeing.