Week 11

Week 11

Saturday, June 6th

Sites Visited: the Aegean Sea 

Where did we stay tonight?: Athens

Leaders: Ally Begly and Kate Ginsburg

Babies go hooome!

This morning we slept in on Syros, then checked out of the hotel with time enough to make our 12:15 PM ferry.  After buying our last round of periptero snacks (*tear*), we got on the high speed ferry to head back to Athens.  We had a busy boat ride completing our end statements and course evaluations, but the usual card players managed to squeeze in one last game of rook.  We disembarked for the last time in scenic Piraeus and took the train back to the Astor Hotel.  At the Astor, CJ used his innate abilities to find us a bowling ally, and we all prepared for our fabulous bowling and Brazilian food festivities.  Words can not describe the performances of CJ, Jason, and especially Ben (who bowled a 197) during our outing.  As usual, Barbski held it down for the girls with many strikes.  We then proceeded to a beautiful Brazilian restaurant tucked away in a remote neighborhood of Athens and had a delicious, many course dinner.  Dinner was interspersed with speeches, toasts, and humorous reminiscences of the crazy times that we’ve had together on the FSP.  We all went back to the hotel afterwards and presented Sarah with her gift, a highlight reel of some of the funniest incidents from the trip.  Afterwards, most of the group ventured out for a classic Athenian clubbing experience at Lava Bore.

            Early this morning, Barbski and Ben were the first to leave on their Italian excursion.  The rest of us will all be leaving at some point between now and Monday.  Overall, this FSP was a once in a lifetime experience that none of us will ever forget.  To our wonderful professors and amazing TA, thank you for all of your hard work and for making the trip the incredible experience that it has been.  Now, as sad as it is, it’s time for the babies to go home.


PS—Be sure to check out our end statements and portraits (taken by our excellent photographer Alex Maceda).  Thanks to everyone at home for keeping up with the blog.  We hope you enjoyed experiencing Greece with us!