Leading the Spring 2009 Trip:

Professor Paul Christesen, Co-director
E-mail: Paul.Christesen@Dartmouth.edu
Work phone: 603-646-2073
Office Location: 319 Reed Hall

Professor Elissa Faro, Co-director
E-mail: Elissa.Faro@Dartmouth.edu
Work phone: 603-646-1714
Office Location: 316 Reed Hall

Sarah Murray, Teaching Assistant
E-mail: scmurray@stanford.edu

Support from Dartmouth:

If you have any questions, comments, or technical difficulties with this site please contact:
Barbara Knauff
Email: Barbara.Knauff@Dartmouth.edu
Work Phone: 603-646-0786


2 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Catherine Fox Says:

    We are enjoying the daily blog from the group so very much! I print it out and share it with Dallis’ 92 year old grandmother in her nursing home, and she is thrilled to be following along with her granddaughter(as are the rest of the family). I especially appreciated the photo of the 3 girls jumping on Day 8 at the Panhellenic Stadium-2 Olympic size feats displayed here: first, an incredible jump on the part of all 3 girls; and second, the photographer actually captured it at the apex of the jump. Congratulations to both jumpers and photographer!

  2. Champ Ensminger Says:

    I am a film /anthropology student from the University of Washington. My documentary program, covering the Greek fires of 2007, crossed paths with you guys while in Naxos! With an interest in archaeology I was very excited for you guys for having the opportunity to take part in a program as unique and as sweeping as yours. I hope you all had an amazing time in Greece, as we did, and hope to cross paths with you again in the future!

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