When I came to Greece, I came to see the antiquities. In the past couple of months, I have seen most of the sites I have ever studied in my classes in Hanover, and that has been amazing. My vision of the FSP as a procession from museum to museum and excavation to excavation, a consummation of my love for ancient Greece and its material remains, was fulfilled. However, that vision failed to capture all of the in-betweens: the hours spent on the bus honing my trick (and timê) taking abilities, the innumerable periptero runs, the frappe fueled group projects, and so on. Those were good times. I have enjoyed the FSP, I have learned a lot, and I want to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity, Professors Christesen and Faro for their Xenophonian leadership, Miss Murray for being magically awesome, and my fellow gypsies, beauties each and every one, for all the philia. I also want to thank Sarah and everyone else back home who supported me when one more hotel (or gyro) seemed like more than I could bear. 




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