I’ll probably forget most of what I learned on this trip pretty soon. Dates will run together, names will fade.  But I’ll remember events and impressions and snippets and phrases. Dominating the dartboard with Chris. Arguing at 2AM with an Australian who hated America. Writing absurd blog entries with Dallis. Hiking up a mountain in the early morning with Joe and Ben at Delphi. Skipping rocks with Ben on pretty much every body of water we saw.


 I lost some things on this trip (my only dress shirt, a brown sweatshirt, a little dignity), and gained some (a squishy plastic tomato that splatters and re-forms, some sea urchin spines in my foot, some perspective, some good friends).  So empty wallet aside, I have more than I came with. Greece is distractingly beautiful, and it was good to be distracted for a while. I probably won’t ever come back, but I’ll remember it fondly.




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