I don’t have anything intelligent or profound to say in this note, nor do I cling to pretensions of being a particularly good speaker of words. Anything interesting I write is purely accidental. I am sitting in the lobby of our hotel on Syros guzzling coffee and various kinds of marmalade. Syros is a beautiful place, like pretty much everywhere in this country. I guess the idea of a beautiful countryside rolling by me as I watched out of a bus window is one of the strongest memories I will take away from this trip; I don’t think I will ever experience anything quite like it again.


There were a lot of great things on this program – the food, the people, the sites, the bus, the planes, the boats, the Mercedes, the frappes, the gyros, the (constant) hikes, the reading quizzes, the goats, the Eurotrash, the nice and not-so-nice Greeks, the small towns in the Peloponnese, the music, Turkey, the Scandinavians, and meeting old friends. I had a fantastic time and I met a genuinely amazing group of people. I know that I will never have an experience like this again in my life – I’m very thankfully to have had the opportunity to share it with such a group of people.


But I can’t help but think of what I regret. I tend to not like regrets; I think it’s good to live life without them, but I think it’s also good to take the bad with the good. I think the biggest regret I have is spending far too much time working on non-FSP things. Just too much time spent on calls and email than actually getting to know Greece. It was unavoidable, but when have regrets ever been really avoidable?


I wouldn’t change a thing though – my view of Greece has been shaped by how I spent my time here. I’m lucky that I’ll be able to come back later this year. Whether I’ve made the most of my time in Greece this time around, I’ll be sure to do so in  August.




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