They call me Ski.


Coming to Greece on the FSP was one of the best things I have ever done. Sure I learned a lot and saw a lot of amazing things. But even more amazing was the relationships I formed with this amazing group of people. The friendships I’ve gained on this journey mean more to me than even the magical awesomeness of places like the Acropolis, the Blue Mosque and many other stops. Even though the trip was hard in a lot of ways, I feel like it only bonded us together more. I learned a lot during our travels, but I learned more about my friends and myself. With sadness I say goodbye to Greece, but I know that the people I have come to trust and love will always be there for me at Dartmouth.


They call me the Ski

My selfies are abounding

My friends are the best




5 Responses to “Kait Barber”

  1. Amy Goldberg Says:


    We are so proud of you to have completed such an amazing, once in a lifetime trip and to have come away with so much. We can’t wait to hear all your stories and see all your selfies.

    Enjoy your trip to Italy and we will see you at the airport.

    Mom, Jon, Tori, Matt, Klondike, Mittens, and of course – Malka

  2. MEMA AND BEPA Says:

    Hi Kait

    We are glad and happy you had such a wonderful trip. We love and miss you and can’t wait so see you.
    Mema and Bepa

  3. Linda Korn Says:

    Kait is GREAT!
    We loved reviewing this blog and following you on your Grecian adventure. Congratulations on taking and completing this journey. We’re so glad it has been so valuable for you, and we are proud to be your auntie and uncle and baby cousin Ami too.
    We hope we get to see you one day soon.
    Much and blessings,
    Linda, Ze’ev and Amichai xo

  4. Richard Barber Says:

    Hi Kaitski,

    welcome home!

    we are so glad you had an amazing experience, but even happier to be able to see you. we love you madly
    Dad, Jen Jen, Lexie, Cal & BoBo

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