We hope you’ve enjoyed this site as the students have traveled throughout Greece. We’d like to know how to improve. We’d greatly appreciate it if you would take a few moments to answer some questions and make any general comments.
Thank You!

  • Did you access the site through a phone-line modem or a local area network?
  • Did you experience any recurring problems with the site?
  • What feature(s) of the site would you like to see added?
  • What feature(s) of the site interested you the most?
  • Did you find the site useful?
  • If you experienced any technical difficulties would you know how to seek help from the website?
  • Would you recommend that a similar site be constructed and maintained for the next Greece FSP in 2011?
  • Other Comments?

One Response to “Give Us Feedback”

  1. Catherine Fox Says:

    Love the blogs!!!! We feel like we are traveling along. Greece is beautiful. What an incredible adventure. Loved the Mom’s Day group card and everyone spelling it out. Great “Dion jig” shot that caught everyone up in the air! Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

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